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MeDiWeB Consortium

MeDiWeB Consortium - Maria Paula Pinto

7 european institutions led by Paula Pinto studied lifestyle and subjective well-being.

Contact with nature, active lifestyle, mediterranean diet and adequate sleep are associated with higher levels of subjective well-being.

AIM of the consortium: study the association between lifestyle factors and subjective well-being, in Mediterranean (Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece and Cyprus) and non-Mediterranean regions (Bulgaria, Republic of Northen Macedonia).

Main lifestyle factors included: food habits, adhesion to Mediterranean diet, physical activity, sleep, socialization, nature.

A 9-item index to assess subjective well-being was developed and validated. This index includes: 

a negative dimension: feelings of stress, worry, depression, and being unable to cope with everything

a positive dimension: meaning of life, global life satisfaction, feeling energetic, efficient and happy

Read more about the results obtained in the interview published in the CIEQV newsletter here